Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eat us we're noodles.

My mom recently unearthed a photo of a plate I made for my Grandma when I was 5. My dad emailed me the picture, and raised the following thought-provoking questions that deserve a larger audience than just me:

  • Why are the horse and the llama in love (note hearts)?
  • Is it a llama, or is it a camel (note two humps -- dromedary)?
  • Why doesn't the horse fall over (note two legs -- other creature has four)?
  • What is the nature of those orange things above the hearts; vegetable, mineral, or animal?
  • What is the meaning of the yellow popcorny stuff the two creatures seem to be floating in?
  • Is 'Grandma' protecting the horse? If so, why not the camel?
  • Why does the horse have a red shield over itself (note -- same color as hunter's pants)
  • What exactly is the hunter carrying?
  • Why is the hunter frowning?
  • Why is the sun frowning?
  • Is the hunter looking for noodles?

Profound stuff.

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Cris said...

Tim's questions got me to think beyond the plate, too:

ROSIE has often inspired me to be a better person. Now I look back at my years of as an intentional vegetarian cook for our family. Not always, but fairly consistently, we avoided meat.

I recall a trip to Spain during which we only ate 'sandwich de queso' and 'tortilla de papa con queso.' And I am filled with wonder now at the power of young and small beings, seeing this plate.
Thank you Rosie.