Friday, May 1, 2009

Trekking - then and now.

Leaving tomorrow for TREKKING. Very last minute. Very excited. Headed for the Everest Region. For 2 weeks? 3? Unsure. Off to buy granola bars and toilet paper.

And here are pictures from a trek I did with two friends in October. Never uploaded them!

Lena, Katherine and I, Day 1. Slightly excited. Good stuff ahead.

Off we went. Little Hobbitses.

We stayed in tea houses. Cozy.


Lots of Buddhism.

And tea breaks.

Lena developed a fetish for floral teapots. Contagious.

We stayed in this village for 3 nights. High and cold and utterly surreal.

The glacier is coming. The view from our bedroom.

Few things would pull me out of a warm sleeping bag at 5 in the morning. This is one.

This is perhaps another: yak cheese.

Sun + fuzzy chairs = great nap station.

Sun + mountain top = even better.

We did.

1 comment:

Tina Holt said...

WOW rosie posie!! what a sotry!!
thanks for posting it all and have a wild and wooly wonderful time trekiing -
call me,email when you get to the states we will hang/swim/laugh etc in maine!!
love tina