Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweet Rain

First puddle of '09!

Two days ago it rained for the first time in six months. Since then the sky has been grey and rumbly. It spurts drizzle every hour. Most conversations now start and end with a comment on this rain: About time! Thank heavens! and Hallelujah! people say.

Rain means there’s hope that our well will fill back up, our taps will stop going dry, and I no longer have to clean my armpits with wipees. It means the rain might bring more rain, enough to saturate the cracked soil and raise the sagging crops. It means the farmers can breath again. And that the rivers flowing from the glaciers of the Himalayas, the rivers that have slowed down to a trickle this dry winter, will soon come alive again and spin the turbines that create the electricity that’s been in such short supply.

I’ve never felt so dependent on the weather. When it rained at home my track meet might be canceled or a picnic might move indoors. Here rain means power, food and water. It means life.

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Lena said...

i really enjoyed this post, "sweet rain." i think you capture some sort of realization... personal discovery... sensation.... feeling... experience connecting to another way of life, in a very real, yet humble and succinct way.

personally, i love your shot posts best, Rosie. (yes, maybe it is because i love everything short, or small, or mini. for instance, i love short poems best, (one liners always win me over), and small fat furry animals always make me sigh. i guess i am guilty of loving everything bite size.

perhaps that is why the Brian Andreas book left such an impression. he is able to say so much, so simply. usually in one sentence. and that is a moving, beautiful thing.

you write so well it is shocking, sweet Rosalita. i am proud to know you.