Monday, December 8, 2008

It's getting cold and...

…the men who used to sell mangos now sell blankets. Bananas stay ripe longer. The street dogs have started to sleep in piles.

Its getting cold and I’m adjusting too…

  • I drink 6 cups of tea a day instead of 3.
  • I wear a fuzzy hat, a puffy vest and cut-off gloves to work.
  • I shower less and smell more (my water is solar heated – in the morning the water is too cold, at night the water is warm but the air is too cold).
  • I sleep with a hot water bottle by my feet.
  • I used to scoff at the puffy faux North Face jackets that are ubiquitous around Kathmandu; now I’m in the market for one.
  • I stopped eating salad.
  • I shape myself into a tightly woven ball when I sleep (instead of a splayed starfish).
  • I replaced my bedroom fan with space heater.

I miss central heating and fireplaces and the sensation of warmth. But I’m learning that I can survive without these things.

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w said...

have you tried pants?