Thursday, September 18, 2008


A good day.

I learned that Reuters published an article I wrote about my trip to the floods.

Here is the link to it.

I’ve been back for a week or so now. But I still have not:

  • caught up on email
  • unpacked from the trip
  • washed behind my ears
  • done laundry
Instead friends and I:
  • cooked banana pancakes for dinner
  • watched tapings of the Dem/Rep acceptance speeches over cheap wine and expensive chocolate
  • rode bikes to the northern rim of Kathmandu Valley
  • spent 1.5 hours at Kathmandu's "Casino Royal" (where I felt like a cross between a lost puppy and an anthropologist)
In sum, lots of FUN as of late. Some good friends here now! Social life feels vibrant, full finally. A good feeling.

This weekend I intend to wash my clothes, clean my ears and.... post pictures/more stories from my trip!

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