Thursday, August 14, 2008

"CP stands for Change of Plans."

That's what Amar, Child Protection Manager, said when we learned the flight to Jumla yesterday was cancelled. (CP usually stands for "Child Protection.")

Instead of Jumla, I've come to Surkhet. Not as remote or mountainy, but still very beatiful, and more rural than anything I'd seen so far. Didn't require a flight. Just a 3 hour drive.

Today visited two different IRC-supported schools and met two children (former maoist soldiers) who IRC has provided goats and sewing training.

Just had my 4th tea of the day here (can't get by in rural Nepal without accepting the tea - hot, milky, and sweeter than candy). Nevertheless exhausted. Ma araam garnchu. I will rest.

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sbg said...

Sorry to hear about the disappointment! I think I'll make myself a cup of sweet, milky tea and drink it in honor of you. Keep up the good work, miss Rosie!