Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some Truths I've learned in Nepal so far

  1. Nepali people are, on average, a lot shorter than me. Doorways reflect this. I’ve bonked my head on three occasions. (Last time left a bruise!)
  2. Kathmandu was not modeled after NYC. An aerial shot might look something like a Jackson Polluck; chaos and squiggles.
  3. My favorite thing so far is to wander the squiggles. I get lost in their crooks and then ask for help to get home. Everyone I’ve asked has been really nice. One guy even gave me an orange.
  4. When it rains in Kathmandu, it pours. It’s monsoon season. It’s only rained twice, but both times rivers appeared in the streets that weren’t there before.
  5. When Nepali people shake their head (American for NO) they mean YES, or OK. They do it all the time. I hope I never get used to it – it keeps me on my toes and causes some funny misunderstandings.
  6. “Buff momos” are the best. They are dumplings stuffed with buffalo meat and they are my favorite Nepali food so far.
  7. International NGO language is as foreign as Nepali language. I’ve learned how to say “thank you” and “hello” in Nepali but I still don’t know half of the acronyms in a report I read yesterday at work.


Tina Holt said...

Thanks for sharing the vivid experiences - I look forward to reading this in the coming weeks and to be transported by your words as I was today!
hugs and enjoy wandering the squiggles!!
love tina

each of us. said...

Yes, thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. I'm happy to hear you are doing well and also glad to see your reliable sense of humor is front and center! Looking forward to your next entry.
Sara G.